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Zumbiel is a partner who focuses on improving your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your product’s goal of brand recognition and market prominence is our priority. But we know it’s more than printing a great package that makes you successful. That’s why we offer value-added services to further enhance your product’s shelf presence, control production costs and streamline your supply chain.

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Innovation is more than just a great design and dazzling graphics. It also involves unique structural approaches and the flexibility to test and pilot new innovations. Zumbiel gives you the design expertise and tools to bring your product packaging to life, including:

  • Full-service structural and graphic design
  • Complete spectrum capabilities from pilot production
  • to full scale
  • Product testing/sampling
  • Research and development


Mechanical Packaging

Zumbiel provides you with a variety of machinery and technical solutions for all of your needs. These include:

  • 4-pack to 36-pack filling systems (ALL carton styles)
  • Expert technical consultation
  • Full carton/machinery design integration
  • Machinery upgrade solutions
  • Turnkey system integration

Die & Plate Making

The cutting-edge Artois CAD software and computerized rule benders used at Zumbiel enable us to create our dies in-house and stay at the forefront of the packaging industry. In turn, you get:


Reduced production costs
Faster turnaround times
Flexibility to make modifications throughout the process
Improved production planning and responsiveness
Reliable printing solutions

Additionally, each of our team members is trained to use the advanced technology at will, giving our company the freedom to innovate at any point in the process of creating original cartons. Other companies that don’t have this machinery miss this innovation opportunity within the production process, thus impacting your brand’s final package.


With VMI programs from Zumbiel, your company can optimize supply chain performance and increase focus on core operating practices. By providing one of our highly trained VMI specialists with your forecast, production plan, average usage and historical data, we can use an economic order quantity to plan your orders, resulting in the assurance that your product is always ready when you need it.

For companies implementing VMI with Zumbiel, costs throughout the entire cycle, from manufacturing to the end user, can be significantly reduced. Financial benefits include:

  • Eliminate out-of-stocks
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduced ordering costs
  • Reduced lead times
  • Improved accuracy

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