Packaging Markets

Our ongoing commitment to our customers and final consumers drives us to succeed in creating groundbreaking paperboard packaging for the following packaging markets:

Beverage Packaging
Food Packaging
Consumer Products Packaging
Health Care Packaging
Automotive Packaging

Beverage Packaging

Our facility is capable of producing packaging for any kind or size of beverage container. We specialize in manufacturing a full range of beverage carriers: from 4-packs to 36-packs to custom designs that fit your unique products. Our markets served include:

  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Energy and sports drinks
  • Water
  • Milk-based drinks
  • Coffee and tea
  • Fruit juices and drinks

Food Packaging

Packaging is vital in terms of consumer recognition, and Zumbiel recognizes the integral role your packaging plays in brand equity. Packaging is often your primary vehicle for contact with your target market. When your product hits store shelves, its brand needs to distinguish itself from among all the other products around it. You need a supply chain partner committed to helping your product stand out from the crowd and end up in shopping carts.

Consumer Products Packaging

At Zumbiel, we package the world’s most trusted brands. Our creative solutions ensure that your product is housed in a unique, attention-grabbing carton that acts as a silent salesperson to help your brand make the leap from store shelves to households. When we design and manufacture paperboard packaging solutions, we begin with the end user in mind: the consumer.

Health Care Packaging

Zumbiel offers inventive packaging for the rapidly growing health care industry. You can choose options designed specifically for any target audience, including:


  • Child-resistant options
  • Senior-friendly packaging
  • Multi-product packs
  • Patient compliance designs
  • Physician sample packaging

Automotive Packaging

For over 80 years, Zumbiel has maintained an integral position in the aftermarket automotive segment. This experience has allowed us to build a knowledge base and solution portfolio uniquely relevant to the complex range of products that dominate this segment. Capabilities and solutions include:

  • Combination die and copy press runs
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • Generic carton inventories with on-demand imprinting capabilities
  • Extremely small blank size management

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